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02:53pm 18/12/2003
  My new journal is at xpinkplaymatex and it's mostly gonna be friends only access... because I'd like to write about some of my feelings, etc... so anyways, if anybody else wants added, lemme know. <3  

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08:22am 12/12/2003
  Hey everyone, thank you for commenting. In the last entry, I was testing something for a friend... she has encouraged me to start my journal again, so... I'm gonna be setting up a new name, etc... if you want to stay added, comment and I'll add you on as soon as I get things set up. <3 Jennifer.  

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11:52pm 29/11/2003
  hey everyone  

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12:27am 23/06/2003
  I'm gonna be putting up the section of my site for lay-out making, and I think it's gonna be like a sign-up page... so once it's up and going, I'll put an announcement telling everyone where to go, so if anybody is interested, they can sign up there. Christina, I got your comment-- so you can sign up once I have that section up, if you are serious about having me do one for ya. Anyways, I need help ya'll-- for some reason, it won't save my option to keep myself logged in forever-- meaning, I can't reply to your comments... grrr...  

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07:59pm 22/06/2003
  This journal is now *private* To read it, ya gotta comment so I can add you- if I already have you listed as a friend, then you have nothin' to worry about! :)  

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08:32pm 21/06/2003
  I really need to catch up with my friend's journals-- I should be able to get to that tomorrow sometime... I'm gonna be making my LJ private soon, since I'll be using blogger on my site... which means I dont' have to have the private journal anymore... I think I'm getting all my kinks worked out.... whew. lots of work.  

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03:35pm 20/06/2003
mood: excited
I'm gonna go make some new lay-outs to experiment with... and I want this site to be completely me, focusing on all aspects of my life. I love when I get all creative and pumped to do some work!!! <3

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Gonna Be Alright...   
10:02pm 19/06/2003
mood: hopeful/cheery
It seems like everything is gonna be cool. I talked to my step-dad after I went tanning, confessed that I have been seeing Mark on my walks... yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is part of what I write in my private journal... now I can freely write some of it, since it's pretty out in the open here. When I got home, I pulled my mom into my room, and sat her down-- this is like, revelation time-- and I told her the truth... I also told her that Mark and I have been a couple for almost two months, and we're really happy, etc... and she said that her and Dale will talk about it, and if they decide yes (it's looking good... from where I'm standing... *prays*) then there will be certain conditions (like a contract, she said) made.... so it looks like I'm not gonna be away for awhile. <3 <3

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05:31pm 19/06/2003
  shit's gonna go down here today... so I probably won't be online whatsoever for a long time... please don't remove me from your friends' lists. <3  

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Blonde... or shall I say... YELLOW?   
12:22pm 19/06/2003
mood: indecisive
Meg dyed my hair yesterday... it is officially yellow... gohere to see the color it is.... what's funny, is she missed one little dot-- so I have all this yellow mess and a brown dot in the middle of my head-- we bought Sun-In, and fixed it a little... I'm about to go fix the rest of it after I write in my private journal. I'm a little freaked out... my hair is definitely fucked up now (not only because it's dry, etc.. but because it's freakin' yellow-- like big bird) Meg/my mom always call me sunshine-- I give the word new meaning...

Last night I went to Meg's little sister's game, then me/her drove around-- double cheeseburgers ($1-- oh yeah!). We got the problem we had goin' on between us worked out too-- so that's cool.

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Stolen~~but it's cool   
01:39pm 18/06/2003
  I AM: worried
I WANT: to have my life back/be able to date Mark.
I HAVE: overprotective parents
I WISH: That my summer wasn't going to be so gay and for mark.
I HATE: overprotective parents doing what they know is only hurting me
I MISS: having a life/being happy.
I FEAR: losing Mark completely and never knowing.
I HEAR: keys as I type.
I SEARCH: for happiness, yet-- I've found it, now I just need a way to get it
I WONDER:why nothing can ever work out for me
I LOVE: the things that make me happy
I ACHE: in my heart
I ALWAYS: feel like this
I AM NOT: going to be happy without him.
I DANCE: all the time
I SING: sometimes
I CRY: All the time.
I WRITE: when I'm sad/stressed
I WIN: nothing
I LOSE: At having a life...
I CONFUSE: everybody
I NEED: to be happy
I SHOULD: Go shower/workout

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Lovin' It   
01:30pm 18/06/2003
mood: worried
All mah girls commented about their periods-- lovin' the female bonding!! <3<3

Anyways~~ unfortunately, I'm grounded for two days from the phone-- I think I still have my internet though... whoo-hoo. I'm grounded cuz I'm supposed to be off the phone at 12:30, and I was on it at 10 till 1... well, I am gonna go... and leave you all with these:

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PMSin'-- hand me a midol   
09:53pm 17/06/2003
  Got my period-- oh joy-- I love this thang. What's funny ,is when I got my period 4-5 years ago, I was so excited and thought I was so cool... ha-- yeah -- cool my ass. Anyways, I went tanning today-- started that up again. What sucked was, I got stuck with the stand-up bed... which means I'm supposed to wear the goggles with the string on em... well, the string kept snapping off (before I got in the bed) so while I was actually tanning, I had to hold it on my face with my hands-- how fuckin' gaye. I'm gonna go take a bath-- I smell-- deodorant + heat of tanning bed=not good... yucky. grrrr  

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09:05pm 15/06/2003
  The Monday 4

Cooler than the Friday Five

1) You just got a job as an ice cream flavor creator, but you hate it. What flavor will you invent to get fired?
anything body function related (secretions, urine, shit, blood, pus)

2) What cartoon character would you most like to see brought into the real world for the sole purpose of backing it over with a car and smashing it�s guts all over the road?
Hmm... at the top of my head? Jerry from Tom & Jerry or Tweety Bird.

3) What disgusting act from your past would you never even mention on your site?
If I wouldn't mention it on my site... then I guess I can't say, now can I?

4) If your life was a porno movie what would it be called?
The Heaven that comes after Heartbreak... sry, I know that's pathetic-- first thing that came into my head.

Provided by: Cam-Mafia

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Happy Father's Day   
07:27pm 15/06/2003
  Happy Father's Day to everyone! I have to call my dad still... I'll probably do that after dinner. Anyways... today I've been in a slump-- if you read my private journal, then you know why.

I went to KMART... got a wallet, some shampoo, and then hair dye-- I gotta get another box though... I think Meg is gonna dye it for me. *jumps up and down* I'm gonna start tanning again, since my report card is good-- so therefore, I want my hair dyed blonde again-- the roots are all natural. I'm gonna be doing an interview with Ebony soon---can't wait, hunnie! (I figured interviews by me would be cool content to add to the site!) I got to go driving today... it was fun, cuz we always drive in these business parking lots... well, there's this long ass curvy street connecting them and there's few cars that go on it, and I got to drive it back and forth, and all that. I have so much trouble with parking... grrr... I'm feelin' a little better... but still pretty shitty. OH well. I need to clean my room and take pics of it.. yep, yep yep... I'm gonna go. :)

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12:56pm 15/06/2003
  I'm thinking about making a *new* layout for the site... I am getting really sick of the "Pour Some Sugar" theme... and I absolutely am beginning to hate how the site is organized... I want it to be better-- the way I know it can be. I have all this new content I wanna add... but I don't like the lay-out. Maybe I'll go work on that some... <3  

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Stream of Conscious?   
02:12pm 14/06/2003
  I'm going to sleep for awhile-- I'm tired as fuck (I can say that word here--hehe)... all my clothes were wet, so I had to wear some of Meg's... so I've been chillin' in green boxers w/ snowflakes on them, and an athletic department shirt from our school-- no undies, no bra-- tired... need to work out, my legs itch. Playin' Solitaire, ain't life grand? I need to go to the library--give myself somethin' to do--gotta get on cam--i keep getting emails--maybe today i won't do cam--maybe i'll relax--bubble bath--all that--got no school--it's all downhill--get to go tanning again soon, cuz of my report card-- hopefully--bored--nothin to write-home alone--wanna go shopping--need a wallet for my temps--wanna go driving-- miss my boi--thirsty for CC--aces--two of hearts--going to bed. out  

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Rained Out   
12:29pm 14/06/2003
mood: bored
I went to the relay last night... I came late, because I had to wait for my dad to get home and give me money to go get Subway (everybody had bought Subway to take).
We had fun, except for that our leader (Chris) didn't know anything, and everyone's tent was decorated except for our's... pretty gaye. And then, it starts raining/shit... so we go in the tent, but the tent is leaking water in, and the blankets got pretty wet and stuff... and ugh-- it was terrible... everyone went and played outside, and then they told us we all had to leave or go inside... because of lightning (sp?)... mind you, by the time they told us it was over, the rain and shit had stopped. grr... so me/Meg left... and then we met Maggie/Stacey back at her house, and we just stayed there... Then I wake up to my step-dad calling my cell this morning, bitchin that I didn't call to tell them we were leaving (we left around 12:45 am), and he went there because it had rained at 6:00 am and nobody was there... and I told him, I was safe and didn't wanna call to wake them up when I was safe at Meg's. So, I got this big long lecture about making good choices, and shit... and then I'll probably get another later... he told me I had to call my mom to tell her I was at Meg's.... he also told me she knew the whole thing had been called off (I guess we were supposed to go back this morning?)... when I call her, she tries to act like she didn't know to see if I would lie about it or not... she's like, "did you stay up all night?"... grr... obviously, I told her the truth.

I got my report card... alotta grades fell... :( here it is though: 4th quarter/final grade:
Gym: C/C (I cut this class all the time, so technically, my grade should of been lower... lol)
Health: A (only had first semester)
Creative Writing: A (only had first semester)
Honors English 2: A/A
Global Connections: A/A
Geometry: A/A
Chemistry: C/B
Spanish 3: C/C
GPA: 2.52 for the year, and I have 13 credits so far. I need 21 to graduate... I think next year I'll have 20 or 21, maybe more... :)
Well, I'm gonna go write in the beast

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03:57pm 13/06/2003
mood: tired
1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have?
Hmm... go on vacation to the Bahamas... sorry, this one is lame-- I couldn't think of anything else. I could only think of where I'd rather be right now.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest?
Depends on the person, and how bad it is. If it's good, then hell yeah, I'm honest.

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened?
Yes... I'm assuming we didn't talk anymore, or at least for awhile.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why?
Hmm... Gone in 60 Seconds, because it looks fun/exciting, and you'd get to be around all those sexy cars all day long-- ELEANOR!!!

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted?
Singing ability.

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Still Givin' Me Shit   
11:51am 13/06/2003
mood: upset
So, I'm allowed to go tonight, but I don't even think I want to, because I'm sick of being treated like I'm 12-fucking years old. Yes, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck-- you know, because now that word is banned from my vocabulary in this fuckin house. How do ya like that, ma?

I'm just fallin' apart the more I'm here... I have this wonderful guy that sooner or later I'm gonna lose, and I can't stand this.

And all my friends I'm doing the walk with are going to the store to buy food/they're chillin' with each other, and I don't even wanna ask if I can go-- it's before the walk-- because I'm sick of all this... and nothin I say is the truth to them, even if it is... :(

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